Business Opportunity

Franchise Opportunity Around The World

If you are looking for great Franchise concept,
ROLLNEY offers a unique edge designed to make Franchisee’s investment worthwhile.


Join the number 1 kurtos brand in the world!

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Goodness for
Rollney Franchisee

Goodness for
Rollney Franchisee

  • Good concept with a growing market
  • Reasonable unit investment, high returns, fast ROI
  • Rent-friendly with scalable size and operation
  • Reasonable continuous service fee
  • Low operating cost
  • Varied revenue streams available
  • Number 1 Kurtos Ice Cream brand in the world

Setting Up ROLLNEY Franchise

is simple

with all the ready tools

Hands on assistance in site identification, assessment and acquisition

Strong guidance in restaurant set up and development

100% support in menu development

Comprehensive assistance on all logistics requirements including sourcing and supply of equipment, furniture, fixtures, tools, utensils, raw materials and other supplies

100% guidance and assistance before and after opening including dry run and opening

Intensive training support and assistance

Assistance in drawing or design

Franchising Requirements

Opportunities Always Open

1. Are you qualified?

We are keen to talk to franchisee that have the following attributes:

  • Passionate and highly motivated to succeed with ROLLNEY’s concept
  • Proven track record of operating in the hospitality industry preferred
  • Philosophically aligned with the goals, objectives, and values of ROLLNEY
  • Have access to adequate capital for setting up and sustaining the business

2. Starting ROLLNEY Business

The costs for starting an entirely new ROLLNEY depends on the restaurant size and type, its location, style of decor and landscaping.

    3. Initial One Time Cost

    Do contact our Franchising team at to find out more on the detailed costs.

      4. Recurring Fees (Monthly)

      • Royalty fee – A Franchising commission fee which is a system fee is based on a percentage of the gross sales.

        5. Our Franchise Recruitment Process

        1. Request for information online.
        2. Submit Franchise Application Form.
        3. Meet and visit Franchisor.
        4. Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement.
        5. Sign the Letter of Offer.
        6. Prospect to Conduct Local Research.
        7. Secure a Location and Build the store.
        8. Sign Franchise Agreement.
        9. Attend Training and Facilitate all Support Function Needs (Inventory, Manpower, IT).
        10. Celebrate Grand Opening.

        The whole process will take approximately 2-4 months.

          * The Franchise information on our website represents only a brief overview of ROLLNEY Franchise program. If you meet our required qualifications, we will be happy to discuss your particular projects, situation and degree of interest.

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